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“Boxing is a duel of intellects of two fighters. An intellect is the most important in boxing. Exactly the intellect, not the power of fists, as believed. Not brute physical force, but the intellect, tactics, nice calculation.” The given quote of the outstanding American boxing coach Cus D’Amato is the essence of boxing. This is the basis of learning at Siberian Boxing Club the best Toronto Boxing Club. Viloryi Kim, the founder and the coach of the club, cannot even imagine his life without boxing, without his trainees, who he does not just coach, but put his heart to master the skills patiently. Over 20 years of his life Viloryi Kim has been coaching in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Canada; he has a license and a certificate from the International Olympic Committee. Viloryi, however, understands that not all of his trainees can become a champion, but, the skills and boxing discipline obtained during the course, is always an asset in life.

Boxing perfects people, both physically and mentally.

It became an universal mean for physical progress; it helps to fundamentally change the quality of life and improve health.

Boxing is one of the most intensive sports in regard to physical exercise.

It improves your endurance, power and reaction, coordination of movement, flexibility and stretching; helps your cardiovascular system to function properly. This is an ideal way to get an excellent body shape and lose weight naturally.

Boxing is a strategical sport, it calls for using intellectual faculties.

It teaches you to “read” your opponent fast and correctly, answering with lightning speed. Boxing is a way to fight everyday stress; it makes you more confident and self-reliant.

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“Boxing is the best school of life.’’ (Jack London)

Ironically, but boxing is the second sport after chess, where the human brain is involved to the maximum possible extent. During the fight, the splits second decide everything – with lightning speed you need to analyze the current situation and quickly make the decision. On the technical and tactical actions boxing is the most difficult kind of sports.

Interesting fact: there were many boxers among outstanding people – Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Aleksey Tolstoi, Aleksandr Deyneka, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Vladimir Vysotsky, Vitaly Solomin, etc. A famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle was a boxing champion of England in 1894; Charlie Chaplin before his career had worked out as a sparring partner in “flyweight” category. Pushkin A.S. was the only person in Russia in his time who subscribed for the books on boxing from England. World champions, the Klitschko brothers – Vitaliy and Vladimir, have PhD in Sports Science and perfectly know German and English.

In fact, boxing is an interesting sport; in the course of its history it has been and still remains the sport of a gentleman. Unlike any other kind of sports, boxing trains a person to be strong-willed, brave, courageous and gentle. It also trains a person not to avoid difficult problems, but face them and solve.
Siberian Boxing Club training from the best Toronto Boxing Club is based on a special strategy that helps to master boxing techniques, learn to control one’s body and emotions. The program is individual for every person; it varies depending on the person’s age and the level of his calisthenics. Siberian Boxing Club training strategy is founded on a mixture of boxing traditions: former Soviet (now Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and other former Soviet Republics) and Cuban (the Cuban boxing school was established by the Soviet coaches) where the most valuable is not a quick power win, but a draw of technical tactics leading a boxer to win and where the main principle is the ability of fighting at different distances, accuracy and automatic movements.

«Siberian Boxing Club – Toronto Boxing Club» training lessons are based on gradual increase of activity – from the first steps to the noticeable results. There is a special system of trainings – cardio training, weight-lifting exercises that prepare a person to the boxing.Traditionally, a boxing training begins with running and jumping on a skipping-rope. These activities help to prepare the body for training.

Next step is warming-up, where all muscles and joints are prepared for the training. Warming-up includes exercises that imitate a real fight, like mastering of inclinations, dives, punches, tactical movements, etc.

After, there is a special program, starting with “shadow-boxing” and followed by the activities with a partner or on the bags. Those, who do not have enough experience or do not wish to train with a partner, have an option to train on the bags and use other special tools for mastering the skills introduced by the coach. During the work with a partner, a person can master different boxing combinations and skills for protection.

At the final stage of a training lesson, the activity is slowly reduced; all muscles and joints are being stretched. A trainee also has time to work on his own. He can work his skills on on of the apparatuses, do some weight-lifting or any other kind of activity.

Technique of movements, determination of the distance, proper strikes – all of these is highly important and underlined during the training. A punch in the right moment is the essential skill of a boxer. One can have a high speed and strength of the punch, but still lose the fight to a partner who is less strong physically. During the fight, one should be ready to the risk of punch omission. That is why at «Siberian Boxing Club» protecting actions are highly emphasized.

The main boxer’s qualities are: technique, coordination of movements, strength, intuition, endurance, fortitude, reaction and psychological preparation. But the main thing is not to omit the punch. “I teach all of these, – says Viloryi. – You start to understand boxing when you instinctively feel when you should act and when you should protect. Boxing is the art of punching while not being punched.” Come and see for yourself at Siberia – Toronto Boxing Club.

Notwithstanding the fact that boxers kick punch only with arms (leg kicking is prohibited), legs are very important in boxing. Many specialists believe that the legs are even more important than the arms. The most complex is to have a right distance for the attack and after the attack take the distance that is uncomfortable for the partner in splits of seconds. Those who have worse leg movement, usually lose the fight, whatever strong punches they have.

“Boxing taught me never stay lying” (Ernest Hemingway)

Why boxing in Toronto Boxing Club Siberia? Many people come to the boxing club to test themselves in endurance, to satisfy their male interest and fight with a partner.
There are three age groups at «Siberian Boxing Club»: children from 9 years age (lessons in 1 hour are given in game format), teenagers (1.5 hours), adults (2 hours). Also, we have a separate female group.

For each group, the requirements for training are different. There are group classes and individual – one on one classes. The psychology of a boxer and emotional aspects are highly emphasized during the lessons. Viloryi believes that the moment when a person overcomes his fear to omit the punch – the trainee begins to consider boxing as a sport. The essential thing in boxing is when you fight the partner, but he cannot punch you: you should be able to punch precisely and not to get any punched back. When a person masters the technique of a strong punch and self protection, he changes gradually and he feels tremendous self-confidence and respect as he can use the boxing techniques acquired during the lessons at the Siberia Toronto Boxing club.

“One can always take boxing lessons – says Viloryi, – constant training support and master the skills. During the lessons, one can relieve of stress that we have from work and life. Someone just wants to be strong, self-confident; someone comes to boxing because he likes boxing, has taken the lessons before and now just wants to support his hobby”.

And finally, boxing trainings are considered to be a very effective method to fill with energy and courage. Also, the activities during the lessons are built in such a way that a person can lose his weight.

“As a teacher, I’m interested in watching the people, to watch how they master the techniques, to watch the results – I’m very pleased personally and as a coach. I can watch the fruits of my work when the trainee starts to fight and I can see the confidence in his eyes. I know that the trainings in my club help to develop will-power that helps my students to reach any goals in their lives”. See you!

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